Study Day and Study Tips

The time has come to get serious about preparing for my statistics and physics exams on Friday. In that spirit, I’ll be throwing some study tips out there from my intro to psych class for any students out there who may need them.

I began the day with breakfast. Renee, Connor and I had a solid meal at Harris Millis, an adequate if nearby dining hall. For early birds like me it’s essential to get a good breakfast on board before beginning to study for a number of reasons. Food starts up your metabolism and also prevents you from prematurely needing a study break to eat.

Upon arrival back at the suite, I got a jump on organization. I set some realistic but challenging goals for the day: I want to understand every equation from both statistics and physics by the end of the day, including where they are used and the reasoning behind the variables.

I get myself organized in the Common Room

It’s always important to me to have a goal for the day when it comes to studying. This helps keep me accountable for studying when the exam is several days away. Setting your own daily goals can be helpful when the test seems far away and you feel unmotivated.

In the afternoon, Connor and I took a break to bother Renee at work. Renee works at the UVM Bookstore, a short walk from the dorms. We decided to go say hi, and see if there were any appropriate mother’s day gifts. It was nice to take a short midday break.

Upon our return I continued my study, changing up the location from my personal dorm to the common room. Studying in various environments is important to ensure that practice remains generalized and useable in various environments rather than being associated with one specific ‘study’ environment.

I finished the day with a collective 9 hours of study. It was light and easy study, just a bunch of time interacting with the material, but it was useful for getting my feet under me. Tomorrow I’ll run a few practice problems using the equations I reviewed today to cement the knowledge, and on Friday I’ll walk into my statistics and physics finals confident that I know my stuff.

Thanks for reading, I hope some of you found this useful or informative.

Oliver J. Pomazi


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