Last day of Finals, Heading Home

The semester has finally come to a close. Students cram some last-minute study time in for their finals, cars exit the busier-than-ever parking lots, and the trash rooms overflow with disposable dorm furnishings. As a student I’ve always preferred projects to exams, and so I’m glad to finish finals and begin work on my thesis.

I began the day in the Garden Atrium, a midrange restaurant incorporated into the hospital. I was meeting with my friend and mentor Dr. Rubin just to check in and give some updates on my academic and personal status.

I found him

After breakfast I headed out to my exams, which went off well. This blog is dedicated to my adventures outside of the classroom so I won’t bore you with the details but I could have done better but I could have done worse. I was reasonably well prepared.

I do some last minute prep among my fellow students

After my exams I headed home to a suite all but empty of the energetic crowd I’d come to know and love. Connor was there to help me with my things and make some last minute jokes. I found some heartwarming messages from my program members which, as their leader, I greatly appreciate.

A cute message from Renee

Finally, I got in the car and headed home. The drive to and from UVM is always long, but there are always some amazing views to look at on the way, and this time was no different.


Arriving home I was greeted by my sister Eve and her boyfriend Ben, and later my parents. We had a great low-key party in honor of Ben’s birthday.

Ben and Eve pose behind a Deflated Balloon

Overall a good day. I’ll miss the friends I made at UVM this semester, and I look forward to seeing them the next time around. I’m glad to be home and get a little downtime and continue preparing for the MCAT without distraction. It’s great to be home, I’ll leave the unpacking for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

Oliver J. Pomazi


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