Heading home after a semester is hard for two reasons: You need to pack a car when you’re cognitively exhausted, and then you unpack it at home when you’re both cognitively and physically exhausted from the hard previous day.

My Room, boxes Strewn Everywhere

I’m not quite done unpacking yet, primarily because my parents had a few other assignments for me. Zsolt (my dad) needed me to take some pictures of the landscaping around the house because we’re planning to put it on the market soon. I think they turned out alright.

My sister also had her last home track meet today but I wasn’t able to make it to it. I really needed to get done with unpacking today because I want to spend the week studying for the MCAT. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m leaving on Thursday to get to the hotel. In any case, I gave the camera to dad to get some pictures of her meet.

When they got back from the meet at 4:00 my room looked like this. Pretty ok progress. I think I’m most happy that the command center is set up: I always told my suite mates that ‘home is where the command center is.’

Thankfully Heddy – known to me as ‘mom’ – made some delicious dinner. Thanks for making a hard day one degree better!

Amazing slow-cooker dinner tonight. Delicious.

All-day MCAT prep begins tomorrow. Back to the grind. I’ll be ready.

Thanks as always for reading!

Oliver J. Pomazi


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