Graduation, Birthday

I celebrated my sister’s graduation from Northfield Mount Hermon on Sunday. It’s going to be interesting to have her attending UVM with me next semester, but I don’t think that much will change. UVM is a big enough school that I won’t see that much of her unless we want to get together which is optimal.

My family also celebrated my birthday on Monday, with a great cake made by my aunt Eva. She’s an outstanding cook and baker, always gracing us with the results of her favorite hobby. I got a number of cards from friends and family, and a painting from my mom that I’ll be featuring prominently in my dorm next semester. I also got a new set of rocks glasses from Renee.

More recently, I went to work at rescue yesterday. There were a lot of patient transfers from hospital to hospital and no actual 911 calls. Despite this I still ended up having to stay a few hours late catching up on reports, but I like working there despite the inconveniences: It’s good work we do there.

Thanks again to all of my friends and family for the great time, and to you all for reading.

Oliver J. Pomazi


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