Nikon D7000: Oldie but Goodie

DSLR cameras have an exceptionally long service life. Smartphones should be replaced every other year (optimally) and their batteries begin to fail after four. The half life of a car’s value is four years, and the average US driver keeps their car for about six. DSLR cameras break the consumer trend that higher priced items have a longer service life.

The latest reviews of this camera share the same praises: There have been reports of this camera’s shutter lasting well over the rated 150,000 cycles. This reliability extends to the camera as a whole, which has gone through its fair share of knocks through my student photojournalism. The low-light performance is also nothing to shake a stick at, with clean images even at high ISOs.

The old saying that it’s the photographer and not the camera that makes the shot is completely true. But there’s also something to be said for tools that are robust, consistent, and maintain their performance so well over time. I look forward to many more years of using my D7000.

Thanks for reading,
Oliver J. Pomazi


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