Crew Race

I went to my first crew race today down at Regatta Point Park in Massachusetts, and I had a great time. It was the New Englands race, so it was definitely bigger than most races throughout the year.

Really, it was a festival built around the race with food and clothing vendors everywhere. The day began watching the teams launch their boats.

A few people in the group was getting a little hungry so it was time to try some of that delicious food.
The NMH girl’s team has had a really good year: They qualified for the final six, that’s the top six high school boats in all of New England. The NMH boys team is a little weaker, but being average in a group of really strong athletes is impressive enough for me.

After finishing their races the teams returned to the docks, removed their boats, and debriefed. The women’s team had their final race in the afternoon, but the men were able to leave early.

Over all, a pretty cool experience. If you have any crew teams in your area I’d strongly recommend checking out a race.

Thanks for reading!
Oliver J. Pomazi


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